Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Today has been a busy and effective day. We started off the day with prayer and a morning devotional. Then, with the help of almost 30 of the Denton teens, we outreached and passed out about 800 flyers. That's right, 800!

It is hot here in Denton, hotter than expected. Apparently, there is some kind of heat advisory for the area???

The teenagers have been working hard and have a servants' attitude. After outreach, we went back to the church and began practicing skits, one for tonight, and others for Breakaway and our Saturday outreach. Lunch was an all you can eat, in your face, feed your belly, and slap your grandma pizza joint, Double Dave's!! Enjoyed.

Went back to the church for more practice, picked up supplies for the church renovation tomorrow, and now getting ready for church.

These young people have been great and will have accomplished much by the time this week is through.

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Brian Mitchell said...

Nice to see you all working. Marie; I would love some honey when you come back from your beestacks.