Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We Must Have Come Here to Work Cause We Are Busy!

Don't mess with the new recruit ushers

The ladies on their row and Connor reppin' the guys row

This skit is da bomb!

Hanging out after service

"Looking" for a piece to Josh's glasses (re-enactment)

Kristin's first bite of a fast food burger

It was a good day getting started off with some serious breakfast, Holiday Inn express style, then over to the church to read, pray, hear Josh give a devotion on the first two fruit of the spirit (do you know what they are without looking it up?), then get started on painting a couple of the rooms (FYI the paint color vibrant by Behr is like looking at the sun in its strength, yet perfect for a kids sunday school room) and cleaning up the church; which is a beautiful church, though a bit of a labyrinth with the hallways.

It was awesome leading Mike, the man living on the streets to Christ. I was talking to his wife about needing to be born again to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. He didn't agree. A few minutes later he was nodding his head with tears streaming down his face. Oh the powerful Word of God, and how it cuts to the deepest parts of our beings! Glory to God.

After wrapping up at the church, we headed over to the mall and got out the flyers in about fifteen minutes and half the group being asked to leave by the faithful mall cops who are allies to all peace loving citizens, but our adversaries in times like this.
We had a great service tonight, wonderful song service by the church down here, and a great turn out. There was up near sixty people, including a few for the first time. We then headed over to the ever so popular In N Out. For eight out of eleven of us, it was the first time there; and was Kristin's first time ever ordering a fast food hamburger! The girls were not impressed at all by it, or so they claim (I think it's because they had a bitter taste in their mouth because they wanted to go to Chick Fil-A). Fun ride back to the hotel; not exactly sure all that happened back there, but Robert crowd surfed (more like seat surfed) from the back of the van right up in between Shaunna and I, Shanity apparantly "laughs like Sid from Toy Story," and Emily got out of the van with milkshake on her forehead... Thank God for a good day! Right on.


Brian Mitchell said...

People getting saved already, I'm loving it. Sounds like you are all making the most of it. The girls must have ordered wrong, because in n' out is amazing.

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