Wednesday, July 13, 2011


        Our leaders told us we were going to Farmington, NM for P.B.C
               Which was a complete and total lie. We are now in DENTON!!!           
                                                 TEXAS BABY!!!!!!     

As our trip was about to begin, all ready and prepared for Farmington,NM everything took a twist after all the groups were done praying inside the church. Mr.Tyler (youth leader) let us in on what the REMIX was. He announced that all the groups were not going to their designated places, but to a different place. All anxious and excited he stated each group had to go find 4 eggs of their group color, everyone found theirs, put the maps together and the fun began. Some SUPER excited, while others REALLY disappointed. From Farmington, NM to DETON TEXAS!!!!! Our 13 hour trip began.      

The longest trip ever, but we made it through. It consisted of sleeping, laughing, a lunch break in Channing,TX population 300+, and a very bad restroom stop at a very smelly Taco Bell. But the trip was worth the long wait. We checked into our hotel and went off to meet our friends Dillon and his pretty wife Ashley.  
                                                    Ashley and Dillon
After meeting them and the tour of the church we went off to eat at Taco Bell (ironic right). Being there for about and hour or so we took off back to the hotel and went for a swim. 

Our day ended with fun and laughs, and ready to work tommorrow

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OSC said...

Don't you say nuttin bout the LONGEST RIDE EVER! Yo, who dis be dats pressing those letters?
Daniella, Dayanna, Priscilla, and Melissa (we felt like acting ghetto.)