Thursday, July 14, 2011

Grab it by the horns

I don't understand how how the alarm clock can be going off for 15 minutes, and no one wakes up. I hear stories of dog trainers putting their pets in routines such as when they hear a noise they do a certain action every time they here it. I think i might do something similiar with the alarm clock.

(Went running with Pastor Marshall and Ms. Cherise at 6 am. Ran for 28minutes and surprisingly i was breathing normally. The altitude here makes running so much easier.)

Started the day with a devotional by Evan, then we started on the scavenger hunt. Oregon is a very interesting place. I can't find fruits or vegetables in the wal-mart, and we are all craving some. People here seem to be really healthy because we keep passing fitness places with everyone on a running machine plenty of people bike or walk everywhere. We got a great start and knocked over half the list out in about 2 hours. The last hour we spent our time looking for u-haul trucks and eventually stumbled on a restruant (with amazing fries) that had numerous license plates on the walls.

We had youth service later that night, and God poured out his spirt on the youth after Chris preached. The more we go around this city, the need for Jesus seems to pop out at us around every corner. Tomorrow we are going to kick off with an outreach all day. God's going to move, and if no one takes a tract...i'll start chasing down cars.

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