Thursday, July 14, 2011

aaaaah jyeeaaaauh!

If you understood that title, you know I'm throwing down some Fluxy B! I am exhausted, but wanted to recap the day before the pillow and I get cozy together for a few hours; emphasis on the "few."We started the day off with morning prayer, reading, and Connor talking about the next two on the list of the fruit of the Spirit: peace and patience. Connor did a great job on it. We headed across the massive city for the scavenger hunt, and spent too much time driving, and not enough taking pictures. Nonetheless, it was a blast. We had lunch at Chino Banditos (or something like that); which is a combination of mexican and chinese food. It was on the tv show 'Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives'. Pretty good stuff.
We eventually got back to the hotel after Cold Stone and a purse left behind to prep for tonight where we went back to church for a special service. Robert Alanis ministered a good message, and we followed up with pizza, chips, cookies, and soda in the fellowship area, and had a great time there; we didn't leave until after 10. We announced the room swap General PD Jones notified us about and recorded it below. A lot of laughs today in all that we did. Tomorrow we have a mission hit the streets with the Gospel. What is Satans ground today, will belong to God tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

SICK Robert & Oscar!!!!!!

<3 Gloria