Thursday, July 14, 2011


so today we went on a scavenger hunt the blogger is acting funny so i am having a little trouble posting all the pics but they will go up eventually.. anyways today we got to tour a firehouse!! it was awesome they showed us all around and let us go inside the firetruck and look around. we tried to get a cop to handcuff emily but he refused and said he could not do it on the job. also chris spent the whole day with us and my first thought was that he is a quite kid but i was totally wrong he is one of the funniest kids i have ever met.... and he loves cars hehe. one of my favorite parts about the scavenger hunt was pastor Gregory's face when we asked if we could wash his feet, certainly one of the most priceless faces i have ever seen. tonight we have youth group at his church and i can't wait to see what's in store for us. so far this week has been a blast and the heat has not been too bad but we will wait and see what it's like tomorrow when we are at the park outreaching all day. well that's all for now

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Brian Mitchell said...

And I had to go to work and then get a wisdom tooth pulled?! Not fair at all. Glad you all are having fun.