Saturday, July 16, 2011

Events from the Night that would Never End

Last night was Denton's Breakawayyyyyyy, Breakawayyyyee! Had a blast as Chad preached the WORD about Where are you Going and relating it with the Prodigal Son. After service, we had a 15 minute prayer meeting with the church. THEN, the madness started. We had 30 minutes of church kareokee before Collins was kicked off the stage for playing Crazy Train!!!! Had to explain we play our ROCK for the LORD (lyrics changed :0) ). Then we ate. Denton's band, Redeemed rocked the house with some praise and worship followed up with Princeton, a local rapper. We were all a little dissapointed that DC could perform last, i'm not talking about Dillon Chase, I'm talking about Danny Cruz a/k/a Cruzer! The teens were having a blast, acting like they were at a real concert...oh wait, it was a real concert. Around 1:00, some people started drifting in and out of conciousness. We got some good photos of our youth giving in to the night, and passing out! The reality of the night had sunk in....our youth were walking around like zombies, looking for a place to Lay Before the Lord. We watched Nacho Libre at 3:30, which we dead at about 4:30, then transfered to Extreme Days, a movie i have never seen, and didnt quite understand the meaning of (didn't finish watching the movie, so that may be why i didnt understand what was going on). OVERALL, it was a Fun but LOONNNGGG night. Below are some photos from the night.

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