Friday, July 15, 2011

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday, Thursday, was a very eventful day. We scavenged for about three hours, and while we did, we had the chance to drive to downtown Portland. There, we ate lunch at a place called "Byways Cafe." The show "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives" had visited there once, so it was fun going somewhere that was good enough to be on TV. It was delicious.

After we ate we went to a frozen yogurt place called "U U Yogurt." We had heard about it from Houston, Pastor Kevin's son, who works there. After we got our yogurt, we decided to take a walk down to the water, where we made some new friends.

Later, we went to youth, but the girls who normally play the piano and drums for service, Chante and Chantel, were working, so they weren't going to make it on time, so Austin, Pastor Kevins other son, played the drums, Landon played the bongos, and I played the piano. Zack their youth leader lead songs. Then, Chris Richie preached on integrity.

Today, we went on outreach and passed out fliers. This evening, we went to Zack and Whitney's house to eat dinner and have a question and answer session with Pastor Kevin and Mrs. DD.


PS. Dear PBC Journalists,
Please sign your name at the bottom of your posts, because we want to know who is writing! Thank you!

I miss you! love you!,

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Natalie said...

I MISS YOU TOO!!!! And I love you! - Natalie