Friday, July 15, 2011

"Give Us A Sign!"

The Sign

The team...

The "BOSS" (He was concentrating so hard the ball started to float...)

The Board

Said Pastor Maloney before we got to Farmington. In a little, tiny store-front with little, tiny signs, the Victory World Outreach of Farmington, NM is easily over-looked, despite being on a busy street. Behind the mall, a Starbuckses, and in front of a popular diner, it is a prime position for the house of God; however, it's again, very hard to see at first glance. SO! With a group of rambunctious and willing teenses, Pastor Maloney's prayers were answered. An 8'x4' board, cans of blue, black, and white paint, and an elite team of painters and artists, we created a beautiful sign! With Nic "The Spaniard" Lofton at the head of the team (due to LIMITED artistic abilities), we put down a nice coat of white then drew out big letters spelling the name above all names, "JESUS," to catch people's attentions, then littler letters spelling out the church name, "Victory World Outreach," to let people know where they are! Sign given! :)


Anonymous said...

it looks great guys!! what a blessing you all are being to that church. i pray you see the fruit of your labor sunday cuz i know the church will see it come in long after you left. And by the way....... Elijahmarie you are beautiful!!! :) just sayin ;)

Taylor Trujillo said...

Everybody is beautiful!!!! lol;) and thats really great...and it sounds fun!:)

Taylor Lofton said...

we've finally finished it, we painted both sides the same and Pastor Josh is going to put it up on Sunday.