Friday, July 29, 2011

PBC videos

Hey everyone, the videos the groups made for their phenomenal week at their respective cities are on the youth YouTube channel; the link is below (Denton should be on there by next week).
Thanks again to all who supported the week in prayers, encouragement, finances, fundraising, watching kids, our pastors for letting us do it, and the five churches that welcomed us into your cities. It was a great week, lets not allow it to be just a memory we keep in our back pockets, but be sure to build on it and continue to do great things for our Savior, Jesus Christ!
Tyler & Shaunna
For His Kingdom and Glory!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Soldiers marching home

We PBC is over for the year of 2011. Daniella already signed out of the Oregon Soldiers for Christ, but it was a real blast and pleasure being able to go on the trip. God moved greatly, souls got saved, our eyes have been opened, and a fire has been sparked in each one of us. I am proud of everyone in my group. I beat your kids up sometimes, but only out of love. We were wrestling though so no need to worry. And if anyone from the Oregon church who might be reading this has the opportunity, please feel free to update us about what is going on in the church. If you don't know who to email, can always email the account and the group can reply. God Bless!


That's All Folks

I haven't posted since our group got back. We got back on Tuesday around 3:30. I was glad to be home, as were the rest of the group, but we all wished we could have stayed a little longer. Pioneer Boot Camp this year was an amazing experience. Praise God, souls were saved this year in Oregon, and our entire group got closer to God in one way or another.

We all became a little family while we were there. We also built relationships with the people in the church there. I definately want to go back someday. I want to see how much their church has grown and if the people who got saved while we were there are still serving God.

Pioneer Boot Camp was an awesome experience. I am thankful that we were given the opportunity to go. All of us Pioneer Boot Campers need to keep praying that our fire won't go out and that God will continue to use us wherever we go. I can't wait until next time.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Last Day


So we all got back yesterday around 6:50, and i must say it was a true honor and privallege to go down to Denton for PBC. It was a bit of a rocky start but in the end we all started to see the bigger picture and why we believe God sent us there. We all came back with a fresh perspective on reaching out to others especially the youth, and the ones that come and visit for the first time. Being there just opened our eyes more to reach out more and be servents. Yes we were there to serve, but they also served us as well. Amazing to how they treated us like family, welcoming us with opened arms. It was a big change and a new experience coming from where we are taught to serve and it just coming naturally to us because led by amazing examples, to us while serving we were being served as well. Always telling us that it was no problem because when they come and visit the home church does the exact same thing. Just amazes me to how much impact something little (like taking people out for coffee during conference) can be reproduced somewhere else in a huge way.

We were blessed while there, and it being my last year (vianca) i can speak for the rest of us who are leaving youth this coming week and the montha to come, it has been an amazing experience a true privallege and honor to be used by God in a mighty way, and being able to serve others as well. This will be something that will never be forgotten, it has been a true blessing. 

As for my group we all got to know each better and had our laughs, fun and yes a few rough spots but in all it as great. We all made new friendships there and cried our last day there. Telling everyone that they have to come to October conference. God really moved in Denton and truly moved in us, and i hope we can all reproduced what we ;earned and recived not only from the people there but from God as well, and just use it here back as well, and not just for that one week. It feels great to be home, and with family, can't wait for church tomorrow either. Love you all
Vianca's last blog...

sorry for no pictures computer is being dumb

Monday, July 18, 2011

It's Official

This is our official last night of PBC.

The drive today was really mellow. We mostly slept. But Pastor Marshall came up with a strategy for when we get too crazy. He brought the Left behind books on tape, so he puts them in and turns it up and we all fall asleep.

Right now we are in Ogden, Utah. There isn't much here, most city is just dead and run down. It took us a while to find a place to eat that wasn't too expensive or didn't look like we would get food poisoning. We finally settled on a place called "Warren's Burgers, Fries, and Shakes." But they had more than just that, they had sandwich's, chicken, and a salad bar. It was good.

Pioneer Boot Camp was an awesome experience. It was a good chance for us to all get closer to God. I can't wait until next time.

Tomorrow we leave at five, but we all kind of want to leave now so we can get home! I miss home. Well, good night!


We're Back!

Well, today we had a very late start leaving Farmington, New Mexico, because... None of us wanted to leave. We all wanted to go home (I missed my mommy and daddy!!!) but we LOVED this week in Farmington. I didn't know what to expect from this camp - after all, I thought we were going to Texas - but I was especially surprised when I found out we were really going to Farmington. I knew the goal of PBC this year was to evangelize, not just to put fliers on people's cars and have a concert the next day. Anyway, what my team received this week, I can't even put into words.

Pastor Josh Maloney and his wife are some of the nicest people I have ever met. He's a real preacher. I know that sounds funny, but whenever he preaches, you can just tell he's anointed by God.

The people in the Farmington church really want to do something for God. Most of them attended both outreaches, as far as I could tell, and they were so kind to all of us.

Our entire group got along great! Not all of us hung out before camp, but we all meshed together and became friends. Except Juan Pablo... I think he is mad at us for calling him that... But he is secretly nice even though he told me to delete his number from my phone... Anyway! This week we all got to know each other and made several new friends. I really loved our group. And so did Guero, even though all the girls beat him up hahaha.
Last, we loved our leaders. This was their first Pioneer Boot Camp, but Mr. Dan always had us laughing and Ms. Patty encouraged me to reach out to people and witness, no matter what I am doing.

That's all for now! I'll post pictures tomorrow! And thank you for reading the blog (Nacho Libre accent) EVERY DAY. It's fantastic, no? Hahaha. Goodnight.

Sayanora: Last Moments of the Day...

Note: Melissa was tickling everyone's elbows
Evan: Wooo... feels like Jesus is coming back!

Pastor Marshall: *walks over*
- 2 seconds later -
Dayanna: You can go now...

Note: We were practicing for a skit when Landon started acting up...
Landon: Man, I'm leaving...
Melissa: *sprays Landon with water gun* RELAX!!...

Note: Isaiah was secretly tickling Evan's back...
Evan: Alright who tickled me!?
- silence -
Evan: *dead serious* You're all gonna get judged for this one day!

Note: Priscilla finally broke down and sang for us...
Priscilla: *singing to Melissa and Dayanna* Don't wanna make a scene...
Evan: You just made a scene!

Note: Landon came begging for his nick name to be changed...
Landon: Can't I be called LARRY FAJITA-SAUCE?

Priscilla: I'm a man!
Evan: Whoa! Ms. Cherise, someone's having second thoughts!...
Priscilla: Yeah I said it!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Even though we've had a lot of funny moments through out the week, God reveled treasure in hidden places. We leave you with this scripture:

1st Timothy 4:12 Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.

. . . . .


Goodbye Phoenix Arizona... ;(

Well... we have to leave tomorrow..... :'''( I'm gonna miss Arizona sooo much! I had an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G time! I didn't expect it to be anything like this at alll! I got to know a lot of people in my group very well (some I got to know a littlleee too well. Haha just kidding :P). I had lots of fun with the people in my group and my leaders!!

God really moved in my life while I was here. The people in Arizona are amazing and the church here is amazing. I can't even begin to tell you how much I'm going to miss the people, the church, and the palm trees. It was very hard to say goodbye to you guys! Thank you sooo much for everything! We love you and can't wait to see you guys at conference!!!!


Good bye

It is 12:22a.m in Pheonix right now and all of us girls are tired and completley dreading the long drive tomorrow, especialy because it means that we will have to leave the wonderful city and people that we have come to love.After church tonight Pastor Gregory and his church gave each person in our group a framed paper on which every one had written a word that they would use to discribe us and what they saw in us. it was very touching and it had nearly every one in tears.
I will miss everyone here and can't wait to see you at conference.

Bragging on the Team

It's 12:17am, the alarm will go off in about 5 hours (what I've been averaging each night on sleep), and we will be packin' up and heading home. I wanted to take the opportunity to brag on our teens this week. We, just like every other group I'm sure, had a phenomenal week in every aspect. We worked our behinds off, had loads upon loads of laughs, were blown away at the work God is doing in the churches in Phoenix, and what God did while we were here (in the city and in us). Each teen here proved their worth in gold again and again. They complained little, worked hard, had good attitudes, were patient and kind (for the most part) with each other, knew how to have a good time, and were a huge delight to Shaunna and I. Over the past week, we have had a huge supply of great memories deposited into the storehouses of our minds that we will be able to occasionally pull out over the years and reminisce of with joy and cheer.

Kristin, Ashlee, Brittany, Shanity, Emily, Josh, Connor, Oscar, Robert, and even Chris (who we had the wonderful opportunity to spend a lot of time with) we love each of you and were honored to spend the week with you. You each have something wonderful that you brought to the table. All that God has done in you has been awesome to see. It's another brush stroke that He's added to the grand masterpiece of His plan for your life. Hold onto the testimonies of His work in you, and build on them. Pursue God with a determination for His glory revealed in your life. Again, we love you.

Tyler and Shaunna

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our Last Night

The guys.
Priscilla giving her testimony.
Alter Call.
One of the men that got saved.
At Yogurt Frenzy.
Self serve frozen yogurt is all the rage now.
Song service.
The man that got saved.
Us with all of the teens in the church.
Dayanna giving her testimony.

This isn't really our LAST night, but it is our last night here in Oregon. God has really moved this week. Last night, a man and his friend came to watch the movie. The man got saved! He brought his friend and another friend to service this morning... and they are all saved now! We are all praying that they will continue going to the church and stay saved! Praise God!

It's a bittersweet feeling when you know you are going home. You want to stay and do more, but then on the other hand you just want to go home. We all exchanged emails and phone numbers with the teens in the church so we can stay in touch.

We are leaving early in the morning, and I am NOT looking forward to the drive! But in the name of Jesus I rebuke car sickness! Pray for traveling mercies and comfort as all of the groups drive back.


Some Pics from Phoenix

Ladies on one of the outreaches

Showing a little TLC to Chris, Pastor Gregory's boy

This is what happens to people when they sleep in a room with three other boys and go out into the Phoenix heat each day. Yes, the gun is real!

Awwww. So cute and cuddly after a long days work.

This sign is blowin up the Phoenix corner intersections across town.

The girls finally got their Chick Fil A. What is up with girls and Chick Fil A?

Ha ha, you thought we were in Phoenix! Remix!
Good thing he got the Zebra and not Connor!

Last Night 4 Pheonix

well today was our last day and it's a little bittersweet. This week was a lot of fun and i got to know some people a little more like josh for instance who is always smack talking and has a very dry sense of humor but works hard for the church. tomorow we face a 13hr drive and hopefully we can make it without killing eachother hahaha. the van rides were probably one of my favorite parts of each day :) out of nowhere we all stsrted singing church songs the whole van ride it was very moving and at the end of our singing on saturday robert pulled an alter call. this week has been very moving and i learned a lot of things and fell in love with the Pheonix church. that's all for now see everyone at home tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

Final Memories in Oregon

Denny's. Alexis was the only one we had trouble getting a picture of. She's the one with her hair down.

Yogurt at Frenzi. Our last hang out place before we departed.

Pastor, Zack, Whitney

Isaiah's smiling O.o what a surprise.

O.S.C. Soldiers

Our singers

Isaiah got the snot beat out of him during a skit.

Praising God

We waited all week to go to starbucks, seriously, it was a big deal to us.

Thats how he smiles.

Sipping hot chocolate with Zack.

I think i see someone familiar here. Who's that lass on the blue shirt?

Sunday was just an amazing day. We had a lot of fruit, and God moved in every service. Heres a little story for your readers. Pastor Marshall and Chris went to check out the rooms, and ran into the house cleaner. When she saw them, she asked if they were Christians and they said yes which followed with her admitting she is too. She told them that everytime she walked into one of the rooms to clean it, she just felt the power of God come upon her with this thick presence as if he had his hand right on her head. She just told them that there was a thick presence of God in the room. It really touched us, and without a doubt God has moved in each one of us.

Pastor Marshall preached on the basics during the morning service, then at night he preached about the mind. The two sermons went hand in hand, and spoke out to everyone. The alter was packed during both services, and people got saved. After the night service, we had anyone who couldn't speak in tonges come up to be baptized in the holy spirit, and God just moved greatly through it. We have two more days to go, don't stop looking at the blog just yet.


Our youth doing a skit.
Our last service in Portland. Here is some of the song service.

Our last Day

Well today was our last day here in beautiful Denton Texas. Pastor Blake preached an awesome message on the REDEEMING plan of God. Which came on time not only for myself, but for others as well. God's word only condemns when there is something in our lives that needs to be dealt with (don't misintupret what I mean please). The message was just what we needed the beauty of how God restores and redeems people from all kinds of backgrounds. Its an amazing thing. Before he preached our youth did the "In the Box" skit, and I gave my testimony (i'm Vianca by the way). After the sermon we went of to the Huey's home, which the so graciously opened their doors for us, and fed us. God has truly blessed while our stay here in Denton. 

                                                          Our trip to DALLAS!!

 COWBOYS STADIUM DONT LIKE THEM BUT GOTTA SAY VERY IMPRESSIVE I MIGHT SAY EVEN COLLINS THOUGHT SO                                                                              

                                                                        Dallas City

                                                         This is where J.F.K got shot

                                                         Where J.F.K got shot the first time

                                                        Where he got shot the second time

                                                             J.F.K memorial

                                                        Us as a group as the J.F.K memorial 

After spending a few hours in Dallas we headed back to the church for our last service here, Chad preached. On the puzzels of life and how to do deal with them. Prayer, faith, and praise help us to ednure through our troubled times in life. Amazing weapons to use against the devil and points to help us out. God has truly been moving in the Denton church even through the little ones.
God has truly blessed here while in Denton, giving us a more appreciation for our home church and what we have. Also just wanting to reach out to everyone out in the world, ESPECIALLY the youth. Everyone here was just so gracious and just blessing us with their hospitality. After the sermon ended everyone started taking pictures, saying their goodbyes and crying, yes even the guys cried. Everyone here has touched us truly especially the youth. They are a bit rough around the edges, all learning still but they embraced us like their own, and cried and expressed themselves to us. We are going to miss them very much, we are going to miss everyone here. God is doing a mighty work here in Denton, and we are truly happy we have been given the chance to be a part of it. Only God knows what the outcome of us being here will be, but we cannot wait to see and hear about allthe amazing things God is going to do here. Being here has truly opened all our eyes not only about ourselves, but about each other and how it is to pioneer a church, and just grow with everyone around. we pray that God will move in their youth group, they are all learning and we hope that we were a good example for them, and also a good example in representing our home church. See you all back at home. This is Vianca blogging all this for the last time. Well maybe, the night isn't over and we still have tommorrow left.




No Stand, No Victory

This morning Pastor Maloney preached an amazing and very on time service about how we all need to take a stand. Take a stand against our flesh and the temptations of the world, and also against Satan. Pastor talked about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abendigo and how they all made a stand against King Nebuchadnezzar and his decree to worship a false idol. When they refused and the King ordered them into the furnace, God appeared there with them. Pastor Maloney said that whenever we stand up for what we believe in and against the world and Satan, a dangerous fire will come against us, but God will always be there for us. It was a perfect sermon for me because lately I have been struggling a little bit to stand up for myself but now I know that God will always be with me when the fire comes.


Holy Ghost Hotel Testimony

Upon leaving the hotel to go to morning service, we passed the cleaning lady. She stopped Pastor Marshall and I as we entered one of the boys' rooms for a room check. She asked us, "Are you all Christians?" "Yes", we replied. She said that she could feel the Holy Spirit in that room. She also said that her head would sweat from feeling the Holy Spirit. She was also a Christian; it was such an encouragement to hear how she could feel the presence of God in the room. Oregon Soldiers for Christ are on fire for Christ and it has been awesome to see how God has moved on the teens.

Yesterday, we talked about the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Four youth from our group have not received it, but we prayed and already two were filled. We are believing for a Holy Ghost-filled service and that the other two would be filled today.

God is on the throne!

-Chris, OSC

God's Business

Saturday was spent on our preparations for our Night Outreach. We passed out our remaining flyers and purchased some items to create street signs. At 7 PM, we started the outreach serving hot dogs, nachos, ice cream, watermelon, and a crowd favorite, WATER. It was hot once again. Dallas has been on national news everday that we have been here. They need a cool down and some rain. The night was very successful and fruitful. We grabbed numerous individuals and numerous families just passing through, providing the::m with food and the gospel. Our youth were 'working' the park, looking for people to witness to. Around 8:30, we started showing the movie, To Save A Life. It was so cool to see more people from the park come and sit down once they saw the moving playing. We had more than 100 people at the outreach, and the amount of people kept growing. After the outreach was over, we had a few visitors in the park asking for the church's location because THEY WANT TO COME TO CHURCH TODAY!!! What a blessing. It was a very successful outreach. The gospel was preached, individuals were saved, and God is adding to his church. Thank God for the opportunity to work and invest ourselves in His kingdom.