Friday, July 15, 2011

Everything happens for a reasons

Thursday evening's dinner was very interesting. After intense deliberations our group decided to goes to church's chicken for dinners. As I'm sure yous can imagine, ordering dinners for eleven young peoples can be a very long drawn out process. This was particularly trues for our group thursday night. Howevers the lengths of ordering was not the interesting parts, but rather the characters in the stores as we ordered. A young navajo mans came into the restraunts as we were ordering, and began to spout off very hateful, and foul language. He called me personally "The Opressor", and " The Evil White Man", and at one point even threatened my life for stealing and crontrolling his lands. Throughout his ranting the girls, for obvious reasons, were very uncomfortable, and some scared. However we knew God was with us, and proved to be even more so than we could EVER imagine! Although it was scary, God used it to bring Glory to HIS name! After this mans left, his nephew Will came up to us seperately and apologized for his uncle. The greatest part of that dinner then occured! Mr. Dans The Mans invited Will and his family out to our outreaches and church. Today at our park outreach Will showed up with his familys!! We could tell there was something differents about hims, and it was GOOD! Will promised us that he would attend ours outreach tomorrow and we pray he becomes a faithful members of the church! We thank God that He took an experience as scary as that to bring Himself Glory!


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I's Mom said...

Wow, Praise God.