Saturday, July 16, 2011

All Day Long Now, I've Been With Jesus

Don't mess with these guys. If you get in their path, they will likely give you a flyer or tract. BEWARE!

It has been a wonderful day. Tedashii said to "Go hard", and thats what we went out to do in the Phoenix sun. We started to hit the streets early; by about 7:45, we split into two groups on different "stations" along the path of the rail transit hitting people up getting on and off the train with flyers, tracts, and the gospel. We had hard hearts and open hearts, normal and abnormal characters, but ultimately had the victory. We prayed with a few people, and was able to cast some good seed on good ground. We ran into a "prophet" who said only Jews and blacks were going to heaven, a morman, and a guy who said when asked what church he goes to "the fellowship.... of the ring! I am Frodo Baggins." A cop ended up coming up to us and suggested that we leave the area because he thought it was too dangerous for us; we were leaving anyway, but the angels of God were with us while there! Every time you go out witnessing, the best stories return with you. We went back to the church for a bit to regroup and Robert did the daily devional on the next two fruit of the Spirit: goodness and kindness.
After that, we went downtown to do some more witnessing. Surprisingly, it was pretty dead down there, but as it got closer to lunch, people were out on the streets and targets for us. We got some lunch, found a swingset for the long jump off; Robert got the furthest, Chris got the highest, and the rest of us pretty much failed. We went back to the hotel for some rest, went back downtown to do some preaching; most of the people had left again (for 5-6 million people, Phoenix downtown is empty!), but we had a decent amount to hear the Gospel proclaimed and Jesus lifted up. We (Oscar, Robert, myself, and ASHLEE!) stood next to another one of the light rail "stations" for everyone waiting to get on to hear us. They either had to listen or miss their transportation; it worked out perfect for us. What was really cool was when the train would pull up, the doors all opened, and everyone inside heard the preaching, and were looking out to what was going on.
From there we went over to Pastor Gould's for their Breakaway service which was good, and a packed house too! We sang all the way back to the hotel on the other side of this giant city, and once again, had plenty of laughs.

Abassadors for Christ!

Tell the world the Jesus lives!

Obeying the General's command

As soon as Ashlee stood up to preach (or in her words, "I didn't preach, I made a statement."), the camera went dead; what's up with that?

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Brian Mitchell said...

Man i wish I was there. Way to go guys (and girl).