Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday's fruit

Amazing...just amazing. The pancake breakfast and the BBQ went absolutly great. It was raining down on us here in Oregon during the pancake breakfast, but people still stayed outside waving a sign around inviting people to come join us. We had 8+ visitors come in to the pancake breakfast, including a little girl and her aunt who enjoyed the meal and conversation greatly. One man came in and got saved during the pancake breakfast and the power of God really moved on him. There was also a man who came to the pancake breakfast early and we began to tell him about Jesus Christ. He says he doesn't go to church, but always goes to their free food events. He ended up getting angry when we asked him if he wanted to get saved, and ended up leaving.

We saw a shortage of people after the pancake breakfast, so we quickly practiced our skits, then we went door to door to invite people to the BBQ. People began to follow us to the church, eager to eat and see what was going on. 5 people got saved and each one of them stayed longer to chat and just learn more about God. During the movie tonight, one more person got saved, and he said he would bring his friends to sunday service. God is moving mightily in this church.

P.S. the boys made a deal to do atleast 150 push-ups a day. So when your children get back home, they'll be in good shape. If they can do push-ups that is.

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