Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday Nights

Tonight was a very interesting night! Unlike all the other groups our main outreach occured on friday night and tonight was a bit of a chill out day for us. During the week due to a lack of sleep and intense amount of work a lot of stresses and grumpinesses has been built up. Tonight was our day to release all of that. The night began with a bit of a mix up. We had all been craving Mexican food all week and agreed on "Si Senor" for dinner. Fortunately Mrs. Patty called ahead and found oput that "Si Senor" was rather expensive. Instead we ended up going to a little restraunt called Los Hermanitos. When we got there Mr. Dans, and Nic, met the manager. His name was Jeremy and just so happened to be a born again, tongue talking Christian!! After rapid consumption of some of the best mexican food I've EVER had, we were treated to free sopapillas and a few bags of extra chips to take home. These Chips are the Lord's chips, because they were provided by the Lord. Now that we have free chips, and delicious sopapillas it was time to release the wiggles... We went to a beautiful little park where we spent time kicking a soccer ball, throwing frisbies, and getting totally smashed by Nic in a swing jumping contest. Then on the way back to the hotel we stopped by the church to clean up and prepare for church tomorrow. The whole time laughing ridiculiously hard AT The little pony, and the Gazelle, singing to music in the car. All in all tonight was greatly needed and much appreciated night of stress relief and Bonding. Now Fully whiped of all energy we head off to bed. Good night!!

Richard... the Opressor...

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