Thursday, July 14, 2011

In A World Where The Sun Burns You...We Went Out

Today was full of hard work, fun and suprises. When everyone had their work day on Wednesday ours was done today. From cleaning the bathroom to painting the church floor. We had the church, with help from the Denton youth, looking GOOD. Being able to be used and serve others was the best part of the day.

After we were all done working hard and cleaning Chad and Marie announced our next mission. It was a scavenger hunt. Which was a huge suprise because it was between all the P.B.C groups. Some of the things on the list were pretty ridiculous, but fun and worth searching for (pictures will be posted later on). Though driving in the Texas heat was pretty hectic, but we made it through. Afterwards we went back to the church to eat lunch, and get ready for our fun day at Denton Water Works. 

The sun was not fun, but being in the water and just having a good time was worth being in the sun for. Even though some of us might come back home a little bit darker then when we first left. But riding down HUGE water slides and floating down the lazy river was a lot of fun. As you can see some of the youth will agree with you. Best part of water works was the lazy river, even though we got in a bit of trouble with a life gaurd for making a chain with the inner tubes(but I just think he just wanted to blow his whistle at some one).

This was during the Q and A with Pastor Blake and his family. We learned and attained a lot from what not oly our P.B.C group asked, but by the members of his congregatin had asked as well. It was amazing to not only hear, but ot be able to see true passion and love and commitment he and his family have for God, and people. So i lied being able to serve was the second best part of the day, being able to hear from a Godly man and Godly woman was the best part of the day. Pastor said something during our talk with him that truly stood out to me, and I believe to the others as well. "When God has put a calling on your life, when he has called you, You will NEVER be happy until you answer that call. No matter how much you may run from God, you will always be misirerable until you say yes to Him" - Pastor Blake. Which reminds me of something i read in my devotional not too long ago. Which basically said the same thing. Once you see the vision of God you will never be happy until that vision is fully completed. God is truly moving in him, his family, and his church. And it is amazing to be apart of it, even if it is only for a week.

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Brian Mitchell said...

Whoever is writing this must be reading Oswald Chambers. I'm glad you all learned a lot.