Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jeff the alcoholic Meets Jesus!!!

Today was an extremely exciting, and utterly exhausting day. Being the work day we were charged with the creation of a new sign for the church. this major project was headed up by our Job site manager Nicolas Lofton. during the making of the sign, we were confronted by a self-proclaimed alcohol of 31 years. His name was Jeff. Jeff Lewis, was an alcoholic, bound by pornography, demonic music, and a life of rebellion and hatred. Jeff came to us with a plight of sorrow and grief, and desire for the joy of the lord. after an hour or so of talking with Mr. Dan the Man, Jeff approached our group and asked for prayer. although it took many minutes of coercing Jeff agreed to praying for salvation. During the prayer we could tell he was bound when Mr. Dan said "God take control of my music" and Jeff broke down sobbing saying he couldn't. however we prayed and bound that spirit and continued to talk with Jeff as long as possible and we now believe that in the name of Jesus he is free and God has one more soul added to his Lambs Book of Life...... We praise God for this great opportunity and the soul that was saved today and look forward to seeing what other great things God has in store for this week!!!!

Richard Fazekas


Brian Mitchell said...

Awesome testimony. God is working. It makes me miss farmington.

Jocelyne's Tea Parties said...

Awesome post Richard! I love it!