Friday, July 15, 2011

OSC photo marathon

He forgot his tracts at the hotel so he had to do push-ups. BE PREPARED!

All you can eat pancakes at Denny's! The hot coco machine broke down though...i cried.

The girls kept playing with the flash on the camera. They used it non-stop.

Outreach! Go Kiki!

The motto of Portland...

Outreach! Soldiers marching down the road!

Outreach! Priscilla witnessing.

Outreach! Chris and Evan tag team.

How would you feel if you were a pet to your wife? I guess that can be your excuse for her to always cook for you though. :O

We all played the hand game of concentration.

Kevin and Sophia (a toy dog), a brand new friendship.

Question and Answers for the Pastor.

Melissa's pizza. We've been eating things like this all week, when we get back to Colorado feed us healthy food please!

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OSC said...

He's not kidding... he really did cry. ridiculous.