Thursday, July 14, 2011

proFRESHional scavanger hunt!! (Sorry for posting really late, but we have real bad internet connection.)

Most interesting photograph: Oh be careful little eyes what you see!

Wildest of all animals: The very very VERY dangerous stuffed alligator

Coolest graffiti: We have found the Holy Lord... on a wall.

Body Lingo: "LOVE GOD"

Coolest Car: This is our "happy" limo *wink wink*

Washing the man of God's feet: It is okay Mary Magdeline, your sins are forgiven

Biggest tire: Goliath's tire swing.

Biggest tire again: Polk-a-dot/ Sweet Pea summoning her eagle powers

Mullet Picture: Business in the front, party in the back

Mickey Picture: Minnie misses her mickey(;

Celebrity wannabe: Look! It's that one girl from that one movie!

Dentist chair: Oh no! I have to brush my teeths!

Green eyed stranger: Hello, how ya doin?!

Crying member: I want my mommy!

Washing the man of God's feet again: Get to working Lofton's!

Flower arrangement: These are her favorite, she got them herself

Handcuffed: Arrested for excessive cuteness.

On board a fire truck: The hose works so well, even the seats were wet

Catching a fish: Marlyn, we found Nemo!

Mannequin: They look so real...

Mom and pop at restaurant: Meet Dad and his offspring. Occupation: Dad at Dad's Diner

Team tree picture: Can't you see the resemblance?

Asian cook: Which one is the cook? The Asian one.

Plates: Pennsylvania! American History!

Plates: Arizona! EM misses her mommy!

Plates: Georgia! Home of the orange

Plates: U.S. Government!

Plates: Utah! City of Salty Lakes!

Plates: Idaho! Ida- what?

Plates: Oregon! Hello OSC!

Plates: New Mexico! ProFRESHionals living quarters. We are the best!

Plates: Mexico! Mi corazon! (Does this count for 20 points?)

Plates: Nevada! Viva las vegas!

Plates: Washington! The apple state

Plates: Virgina! We all miss you Aaron Wade.

Plates: Texas! Yee Haw!!!

Plates: New York! Bunch of Yanks...

Plates: California! Land of beaches and earthquakes.

Plates: Kansas! Toto, i don't believe we are in kansas anymore...


Plates: New Mexico! Land of Enchantment and aliens.

Picking your nose with a stranger: We got two strangers so that should be an extra point...

Picking your nose next to a stranger: Taylor picking her nose by some strangers.

Everyone's bare feet: proFRESHional's, where are your shoes? They were eh stinky.

Wading in public water: Don't worry Alexis, Richard will save you!!

Entire team on two swings: Well, we tried.

The words Pioneer Boot Camp: Taylor's shirt from the first year of PBC

Outside clock at 1:11: Run Lijah Run!!!

Numbers 1-10: It just said they had to all be there, and look, there they are.
The whole team in front of a statue: We found the MIGHTY triceratops.


Anonymous said...

hello, hello, helloooo......i can tell which feet are taylors;)

Chesty said...

I told everyone about those signs! (Jesus is Watching you and Adult Video) but one one believed me!!!

Anonymous said...

I like the girl in the superman shirt and the grumpy hat!!!!!! SHE'S PRETTY!!!!! just sayin lol 8)

Anonymous said...

it's georgia home of the peach not orange =P - someone from Georgia