Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Last night we went out to dinner with Pastor Kevin, his wife DD and their sons Houston and Austin, Zack and Whitney, and Grafton.

Michael the bush wacking beast
A chicken we encountered while passing out flyers.

The sign for the church.

Working Hard?


Washing windows.

Wiping down the pulpit.

Houston, Kevin, Austin, and Isaiah attempting to remove all of the moss from the parking lot.

Today has been a good day from the beginning. The girls got ready, ate, read and prayed, and still made it to the van BEFORE the boys! We then went to the church and got to work right away. When we were finished, we went and passed out flyers in the neighborhood by the church. We are going to leave for church in about an hour, then we will go eat dinner. Yay :-).


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Brian Mitchell said...

next time you get a taco 12 pack, I expect a commercial. Lol