Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Moments Of The Day:

"Why is that car so close to us??...ohh it's the U-haul"

NOTE: We were very upset because Michael brought up the fact that CO was the only state giving out FREE SLURPEES! (7-11-11)
Daniella: Brian said he'd dedicate his first brain freeze to me.
Melissa: Well I hope he has a brain freeze as long as this trip!
Priscilla: That's a terrible thing to say, you should apologize to him when we get back
Melissa: NO

"Larry Lame Sauce = Landon"

NOTE: We were driving past a broke down house and.....
Chris Richie: HEY that's Landon's house!.
Landon: ohhhh-kaay.

NOTE: Priscilla felt sick..& Dayanna was fast asleep
Priscilla: ugh I'm not feeling good
Dayanna: *suddenly pops up half awake* She feels like a tangerine??!!


Jocelyne's Tea Parties said...

Love reading your posts! Makes me laugh.

alainna said...

Haha! Tangerine...I love your posts!