Monday, July 11, 2011

Soldiers Over the Horizon

The devil claims we are at peace, but in reality we're at war. Daily we went through the never ending tundra plains with no relief or sign of steadiness. Our spiritual warfare before Boot Camp has been like no other. They say if you don't get prepared for Boot Camp properly, then you'll either get recycled, or thrown out. But for us, neither one of those were an option. Daily we have sharpened our swords. We don't use guns, there are no shortcuts to victory. God's word is a double-edged sword which pierces and sets free, not a double barreled rifle that can only claim lives. Our vision is to disciple and stand in the gap for the city of Portland, establishing the kingdom of God in their mists. We are O.S.C. the elite. You may call yourself a marine, but we are the obsidian arrows in the bow of God. We don't fear man, their weapons are are small as the devil's humility, we fear the God who can kill us and send us to hell afterwards. We are Oregon Soldiers for Christ!

-Isaiah (8)

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