Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No breakfast served at the hotel!

He put himself in the sleeper hold...

(Just a note, internet is not the best here, and pictures take forever to load, so there may be a shortage of pictures over the next few days. But don't fret! I...Isaiah DaBeast Daniels shall find some way to work around it!)

Quote of the day: Beewoop! Pop goes the weasel (Again, thank you Landen, and Evan for your never ending random phrases)

Day 3 was a blast. We made it to Portland Oregon safely. I could tell you all we slid on one of the roads, and the u-haul attachment to the vehicle was basically off the edge of the road (almost dangling) but i don't want to worry yall...or lie to yall. We met Pastor Kevin and his wife DD, Zach and Whitney, Austin and Houstin, and Graftin today. (Yes i had too many commas and should have used a colon)

We started off the day with reading and prayer, then the guys had a little pop quiz over what we read. Interesting enough, we all had some view or revelation on what we read, and it wasn't just something small, it was pretty deep. I remember Chris talking to us about David, how the prophet told him a story and David said the man should die, but in the end it was David he was talking about. Chris told us God has our number, and the proverbs i read this morning went right along with it. Proverbs 19:5 "A false witness will not go unpunished, and he who pours out lies will not go free." This group seemes to really have been touched by God. We start working on the church, and outreaching tomorrow. So excited, even doing a daily devotional as a group. Wooo!

P.S. when we heard that the groups had to switch locations for the remix...we laughed.

P.S.S. Landen is on stage 4...

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I's mom said...

Uhhh, how did he put himself in a sleeper hold??? Hey Isaiah, did you know you have free wi-fi whereever ya go. Email me and I'll let ya know what to do. Love ya have a great day.