Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Moments Of The Day(Day 2):

Note: We were cleaning with wood oil cleaner.
Ms Cherise: Landon start cleaning now!

Landon: I hate oil!
Priscilla: NO YOU DON'T cause oil is what makes your food!
Landon: *serious* Oh, I love oil.

Ms Cherise: *picks up bucket with one hand and the bucket broke* Did I tell you that I'm super woman?

Note:We were cutting up a bush and there was a lot of dirt left.
Pastor Marshall: You guys go get a shovel for this dirt.
Priscilla: Why can't we just use Landon's mouth? :]

Note: We played a prank on Landon.
Ms Cherise: Go get your cookie from Melissa.
Landon: Melissa! Give me my cookie! *Landon runs toward Melissa*
Melissa: *puts TOY cookie on Landon's dirty arm*
Landon:*shoves it, without chewing, in his mouth and attempts to swallow*
Ms Cherise: SPIT IT OUT! It's plastic!
Landon: *spits it out* Yaah Jerks!

Note: We passed by a giant bridge
Dayanna: *all concerned* How does the train get up there!?
Melissa: You push a button and the rails go down...

Note: Dayanna and Melissa went to get laptop from the guys' room
Chris Richie: *asked the girls*You want to see the toilet explode?
Landon: *all the way in the back of the room* Too much Chipotle!!

"We're going to be weird for Jesus!!"
-Pastor Marshall


Brian Mitchell said...

I'm loving these posts. Priscilla and Dayanna are killing me (and Landon). Keep it coming.

Jocelyne's Tea Parties said...

Poor Landon! Everybody is always picking on him - (smirk and giggle) Its nice to be loved isn't it, hijo. Who is Brian Mitchell?

chanta said...

right?! priscilla and landon are too funny :)

Brian Mitchell said...

Brian Mitchell aka Brian Grise