Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Miercoles En La Noche...(figure out the translation)

                                           Brandon!!!!!...What ARE you DOING?!?!?....    

                                     The group after service tonight

  The Fellas, Brandon, Brad (tag alongs Dillon and Paul) Collins in the back, Johnie and Aaron 

 (course vianca would be holdiong the alcohol bottle)
The LADIES!!! (D-Town Youth Daniella) Taya, Esmi (D-Town youth Destiny) Vianca, Elizabeth and Moriah

The BESTESS place to eat so far...awesome food

This is MY AWESOME BURRITO- Vianca p.s best I've eaten in a VERY long time =) 
After a long days work, and AWESOME food we end the night.

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Brian Mitchell said...

On Wednesday night? Just for the record, desi and esmi are two of the most "G" people I know. Keep the deuces flying.