Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hit The Road Jack

Okay, It's more like, "Hit the road OSC." And one word that could pretty much sum up what my whole group is probably feeling right now, is excitement. This is it. In less than seven hours we will be on the road. Sometimes people get really excited a few days before they leave, but for me, the excitement doesn't hit until Pastor Calls all of the teams up for prayer. Thats when it hits, and it hits hard! I can't stop smiling and I even start shaking a little because I'm so pumped up!

Currently I am going over some last minute things, like taking all of the pictures off of my camera, checking and double checking to make sure I have everything I need, and wondering if I'm going to get any sleep tonight. I'm so excited for what God is going to do while we are there!

Remember to keep all of the groups in prayer, especially as we are all driving to our destinations. This is gonna be fun, I can't wait.



Brian Grise said...

You are going to have a blast. I will be praying and fasting for all of you.

-Brian G

Jocelyne's Tea Parties said...

Alright you've only been gone about 10 hours and I'm guessing you're in Utah by now. I am already missing my baby D! And Diana's mom has called wanting to know if I've heard anything. I hope you have time to post tonight just to let us know you're safe and sound. And post pictures - we love pictures! We're praying for you all!

Cooking on a budget said...

D! I miss you so much already! But the kids definately miss you more. They are going crazy over here wanting to know where you are. Please pass on a message from Jace, "Hi Grandpa Marshmall"
Love you Kiddo!

PS. Please do as your mom says and post lots of pics:-)

OSC said...

I love you guys.(Not Brian, thanks for the brain freeze though.)-Daniella

Brian Mitchell said...

That hurt V. Almost enough to take back my brain freeze dedication.