Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Fun Has Arrived!

Well, we actually arrived in Portland at precisely 2:30. The drive from Idaho to Portland was amazing! We weren't able to get a picture at the entrance of Oregon, because well, there wasn't a big fancy one. Bummer. The scenery was beautiful the entire drive, with an exceptions to some of the boring long strips of nothingness. The best part was the gorge, the highway followed along it for a couple of hours, and there was beautiful mountains on both sides of us. We took lots of pictures, I will post those next.

When we got to hotel, Mrs. Cherise came to the girls room and said, "You have to come look at my room, it's so funny." I was expecting the decorations to be tacky, but we walked in and there was a bathtub in the room. It's one of the first things you see, so it's pretty funny.

Pictures are up next, so stay tuned. :-)

-Daniella (2)


I's mom said...

The OSC's made it. Praise God. You all have a great night. I look forward to more posts and pictures. By the way did Landon get turned upside down to see if he had a cell phone too.

I's mom said...

Oh yeah good night Isaiah. Love You.

Anonymous said...

Yes he did, and yes he did have one.