Monday, July 11, 2011

First Stop: Boise, Idaho

After a long twelve hours on the road, we have arrived in Boise, Idaho! It was a long and... interesting journey, but it was worth while. Before we had left, we were all expecting each other to be crazy on the way here, but it turns out, it was the complete opposite.

We left right before five am, and not even half an hour into the drive... I threw up. It was embarrassing, but it would have been less embarrassing if Priscilla, and Melissa hadn't jumped to the opposite side of the van and Dayanna didn't make gagging noises. After words, my nickname was V... for vomit. Not cool.

Sadly, right after, everybody fell asleep, so we slept upon entering Wyoming. For the next several hours, we played games, talked, and ate A LOT of food. Everybody fell asleep again, and we never got a picture at the Idaho sign.

We got here around seven, stopped at the hotel, then went to eat dinner at Pizza Hut.
Now we are back, tired as ever and about ready to hit the hay. Tomorrow we will leave early to finish driving to Oregon! Pictures will be posted soon, but until then, GOOD NIGHT!

PS. Dear Other PBC groups,
Have fun on your trips, we are looking forward to seeing what's happening. Oh yeah, don't forget we are a day ahead, and, well, the t-shirts are AWESOME!

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