Tuesday, July 19, 2011


So we all got back yesterday around 6:50, and i must say it was a true honor and privallege to go down to Denton for PBC. It was a bit of a rocky start but in the end we all started to see the bigger picture and why we believe God sent us there. We all came back with a fresh perspective on reaching out to others especially the youth, and the ones that come and visit for the first time. Being there just opened our eyes more to reach out more and be servents. Yes we were there to serve, but they also served us as well. Amazing to how they treated us like family, welcoming us with opened arms. It was a big change and a new experience coming from where we are taught to serve and it just coming naturally to us because led by amazing examples, to us while serving we were being served as well. Always telling us that it was no problem because when they come and visit the home church does the exact same thing. Just amazes me to how much impact something little (like taking people out for coffee during conference) can be reproduced somewhere else in a huge way.

We were blessed while there, and it being my last year (vianca) i can speak for the rest of us who are leaving youth this coming week and the montha to come, it has been an amazing experience a true privallege and honor to be used by God in a mighty way, and being able to serve others as well. This will be something that will never be forgotten, it has been a true blessing. 

As for my group we all got to know each better and had our laughs, fun and yes a few rough spots but in all it as great. We all made new friendships there and cried our last day there. Telling everyone that they have to come to October conference. God really moved in Denton and truly moved in us, and i hope we can all reproduced what we ;earned and recived not only from the people there but from God as well, and just use it here back as well, and not just for that one week. It feels great to be home, and with family, can't wait for church tomorrow either. Love you all
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