Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our last Day

Well today was our last day here in beautiful Denton Texas. Pastor Blake preached an awesome message on the REDEEMING plan of God. Which came on time not only for myself, but for others as well. God's word only condemns when there is something in our lives that needs to be dealt with (don't misintupret what I mean please). The message was just what we needed the beauty of how God restores and redeems people from all kinds of backgrounds. Its an amazing thing. Before he preached our youth did the "In the Box" skit, and I gave my testimony (i'm Vianca by the way). After the sermon we went of to the Huey's home, which the so graciously opened their doors for us, and fed us. God has truly blessed while our stay here in Denton. 

                                                          Our trip to DALLAS!!

 COWBOYS STADIUM DONT LIKE THEM BUT GOTTA SAY VERY IMPRESSIVE I MIGHT SAY EVEN COLLINS THOUGHT SO                                                                              

                                                                        Dallas City

                                                         This is where J.F.K got shot

                                                         Where J.F.K got shot the first time

                                                        Where he got shot the second time

                                                             J.F.K memorial

                                                        Us as a group as the J.F.K memorial 

After spending a few hours in Dallas we headed back to the church for our last service here, Chad preached. On the puzzels of life and how to do deal with them. Prayer, faith, and praise help us to ednure through our troubled times in life. Amazing weapons to use against the devil and points to help us out. God has truly been moving in the Denton church even through the little ones.
God has truly blessed here while in Denton, giving us a more appreciation for our home church and what we have. Also just wanting to reach out to everyone out in the world, ESPECIALLY the youth. Everyone here was just so gracious and just blessing us with their hospitality. After the sermon ended everyone started taking pictures, saying their goodbyes and crying, yes even the guys cried. Everyone here has touched us truly especially the youth. They are a bit rough around the edges, all learning still but they embraced us like their own, and cried and expressed themselves to us. We are going to miss them very much, we are going to miss everyone here. God is doing a mighty work here in Denton, and we are truly happy we have been given the chance to be a part of it. Only God knows what the outcome of us being here will be, but we cannot wait to see and hear about allthe amazing things God is going to do here. Being here has truly opened all our eyes not only about ourselves, but about each other and how it is to pioneer a church, and just grow with everyone around. we pray that God will move in their youth group, they are all learning and we hope that we were a good example for them, and also a good example in representing our home church. See you all back at home. This is Vianca blogging all this for the last time. Well maybe, the night isn't over and we still have tommorrow left.

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