Sunday, July 17, 2011

Final Memories in Oregon

Denny's. Alexis was the only one we had trouble getting a picture of. She's the one with her hair down.

Yogurt at Frenzi. Our last hang out place before we departed.

Pastor, Zack, Whitney

Isaiah's smiling O.o what a surprise.

O.S.C. Soldiers

Our singers

Isaiah got the snot beat out of him during a skit.

Praising God

We waited all week to go to starbucks, seriously, it was a big deal to us.

Thats how he smiles.

Sipping hot chocolate with Zack.

I think i see someone familiar here. Who's that lass on the blue shirt?

Sunday was just an amazing day. We had a lot of fruit, and God moved in every service. Heres a little story for your readers. Pastor Marshall and Chris went to check out the rooms, and ran into the house cleaner. When she saw them, she asked if they were Christians and they said yes which followed with her admitting she is too. She told them that everytime she walked into one of the rooms to clean it, she just felt the power of God come upon her with this thick presence as if he had his hand right on her head. She just told them that there was a thick presence of God in the room. It really touched us, and without a doubt God has moved in each one of us.

Pastor Marshall preached on the basics during the morning service, then at night he preached about the mind. The two sermons went hand in hand, and spoke out to everyone. The alter was packed during both services, and people got saved. After the night service, we had anyone who couldn't speak in tonges come up to be baptized in the holy spirit, and God just moved greatly through it. We have two more days to go, don't stop looking at the blog just yet.


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