Monday, July 18, 2011

Bragging on the Team

It's 12:17am, the alarm will go off in about 5 hours (what I've been averaging each night on sleep), and we will be packin' up and heading home. I wanted to take the opportunity to brag on our teens this week. We, just like every other group I'm sure, had a phenomenal week in every aspect. We worked our behinds off, had loads upon loads of laughs, were blown away at the work God is doing in the churches in Phoenix, and what God did while we were here (in the city and in us). Each teen here proved their worth in gold again and again. They complained little, worked hard, had good attitudes, were patient and kind (for the most part) with each other, knew how to have a good time, and were a huge delight to Shaunna and I. Over the past week, we have had a huge supply of great memories deposited into the storehouses of our minds that we will be able to occasionally pull out over the years and reminisce of with joy and cheer.

Kristin, Ashlee, Brittany, Shanity, Emily, Josh, Connor, Oscar, Robert, and even Chris (who we had the wonderful opportunity to spend a lot of time with) we love each of you and were honored to spend the week with you. You each have something wonderful that you brought to the table. All that God has done in you has been awesome to see. It's another brush stroke that He's added to the grand masterpiece of His plan for your life. Hold onto the testimonies of His work in you, and build on them. Pursue God with a determination for His glory revealed in your life. Again, we love you.

Tyler and Shaunna

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