Sunday, July 17, 2011

God's Business

Saturday was spent on our preparations for our Night Outreach. We passed out our remaining flyers and purchased some items to create street signs. At 7 PM, we started the outreach serving hot dogs, nachos, ice cream, watermelon, and a crowd favorite, WATER. It was hot once again. Dallas has been on national news everday that we have been here. They need a cool down and some rain. The night was very successful and fruitful. We grabbed numerous individuals and numerous families just passing through, providing the::m with food and the gospel. Our youth were 'working' the park, looking for people to witness to. Around 8:30, we started showing the movie, To Save A Life. It was so cool to see more people from the park come and sit down once they saw the moving playing. We had more than 100 people at the outreach, and the amount of people kept growing. After the outreach was over, we had a few visitors in the park asking for the church's location because THEY WANT TO COME TO CHURCH TODAY!!! What a blessing. It was a very successful outreach. The gospel was preached, individuals were saved, and God is adding to his church. Thank God for the opportunity to work and invest ourselves in His kingdom.

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